The mother of former model Natalia Harris, who passed away last year, was unexpectedly reunited with her daughter's legacy while catching a flight. 

"First time flying, since my baby @iamnataliaharris transitioned,” Harris’ mother, Egli Colón Stephens, wrote in an Instagram post at the end of March. “Just when I thought I was not going to see her ad from her @delta campaign, there she was. BOOM! Two posters on the corridor, right before boarding the plane. This “SEE YOU SOON” means more now than ever. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and never, ever let her go.”

The campaign poster which read, “This Is What See You Soon Looks Like,” in the Delta Airlines skybridge, greeted Stephens once more on her return flight from Florida to New York City. 

“Well, Mama E. thought her last post was a wrap, but baby girl @iamnataliaharris had different plans,” she wrote. “Look who was ready to welcome us again, before boarding the plane to come back home, after our long getaway!"