nullIt was
just Wednesday when I reported on some big possible changes coming to MSNBC
to improve its sinking ratings. Last time it was rumored that "The Ed Show" with
Ed Schultz, "All In with Chris Hayes" and "PoliticsNation" with Rev. Al Sharpton
were on the chopping black, and that Keith Olbermann could possibly return to the network, despite some network execs’ apprehensive fears.

Well it’s
now being reported, by various news sources, that the network has decided what
to do: "The Ed Show" will be cancelled, along with their afternoon shows, "Now
with Alex Wagner" and MSNBC’s rather lame attempt to be all hip and trendy to
attract younger viewers, better known as "The Circle," headed by four hosts, including
journalist and cultural critic Touré.

The plan is
to replace "The Ed Show" with a new show anchored by current "Meet the Press" host Chuck
Todd, who previously had an early morning show on MSNBC called "The Daily Rundown," until he left to host MTP.

And in the two-hour slot that was previously taken up by "The Circle" and "Now with Alex Wagner" will be a new newscast
program possibly hosted by Brian Williams who is still looking for repentance
and some sort of comeback.

The decision
was made because NBC News president, Andrew Lack, believes that MSNBC is
too talk show heavy and the shows are too much alike, adding that the network needs to go back to
straight news reporting.

On that
front, CNN regularly beats MSNBC in the ratings during the afternoon with their
news shows, which gives them a great advantage to cover a wide range of stories, while MSNBC had to fit in whatever hot story is going on that day around its
talk shows.

The plan now
is to concentrate their opinioned talk shows during the day and primetime, and
just do straight newscasts in the afternoon, similar to the one that Thomas
Roberts currently does on the network, afternoons from 1-3PM.

What this
means is that both Hayes and Rev. Al are safe for now, although inside network
sources say that there will be some changes involving those shows sometime in the near future.