MTV took it there with with its 'Resolutions for White Guys' video and we're here for it

Maybe MTV has a point

Photo credit:Photo: The Sun

| December 31 2016,

4:48 pm

2016 was nothing short of rough. As we get closer to 2017, we can only pray a hedge of protection around some of our aging icons like Cicely Tyson and Bobby Brown. 2016 isn't allowed to take anyone else out. 

Since 2017 is only a few days away we can bet on social media being filled with New Year's resolutions. MTV decided that they wanted to help one group in particular, white men. In a video entitled "Resolutions for White Guys," MTV takes it there by providing a few resolutions that are sure to cause an increase in the supply of white tears. 

A few of the resolutions aren't new to us but there's nothing wrong with reiterating.

"Blue lives matter is not a thing." 

It's not. Cops aren't born blue and being one is an option. However, being born black isn't an option and living as a black person isn't either. 

"Can we all just agree that Black Lives Matter isn't the opposite of All Lives Matter?"  

Le sigh. I still can't get over the amount of explaining we have had to do in an attempt to get white people to understand that being pro-black isn't being anti-white in 2016. We are not saying your life doesn't matter, we are just asking that you kindly stop using ours as target practice.

"Nobody who has black friends says that they have black friends." 

You don't get a cookie for having a black friend. You also don't get a pass on being racist just because you have one either. That's like Donald Trump saying he has friends who are politicians so that means he's one too. We don't believe you, you need more people.

All in all, the video does attempt to crack a few jokes that are sure to bring on a new set of white tears before we end the year. 

Due to ultra-conservative outlets like Fox News and The Blaze going awry, the network pulled it, but it's still available for your viewing pleasure above, because of the internet. 

MTV gave us their resolutions for white guys but what are your resolutions for your 2017? Leave them in the comments below. 

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