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Musician Dragged For Seemingly Bleaching Skin Had A Hidden Agenda

She had a MESSAGE the whole time.

Strong feelings erupted when a photo showing the musician Spice with heavily bleached skin appeared on social media.

According to Capital Xtra, the musician posted the image on Instagram with the caption, "Nothing wrong with a fresh start."

Folks freaked out because Spice deleted all of her previous pictures, making a clean break with the past.

The overall mood was:


However, the artist, best known for her turn on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, had an agenda all along.  According to TMZ, Spice's rep confirmed the look was for a song on her upcoming mixtape, Captured. The song, called "Black Hypocrisy," discusses colorism. 

So, yeah, everyone can put your mind at ease. Spice did not bleach her skin.

The stunt seemed to have paid off for Spice, who celebrated her song hitting No. 1 on the U.S. and U.K. reggae charts on Instagram:

The full video premiered Tuesday. In it, Spice addresses a group of black women, rallying them before taking to the streets to march proudly in support of dark skin. The video cuts between Spice in her natural skin and Spice with her skin lightened with make-up and sees the musician artfully lambasting those who have tried to impose Eurocentric beauty standards on people with black skin. 

Check out the video below:

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