My Blackness Belongs!

University of Dayton Student Organization responds to microaggressions with this powerful video!

Photo credit:my-blackness-belongs

| February 11 2017,

00:23 am

Black History Month is lit. However, at predominantly white institutions, the celebrations of black ancestry are often minuscule if not, absent.

The students at the University of Dayton in Ohio made a response video to their 2016 experience of microaggressions, covert racism and often discrimination they faced at their institution. During the wake of student activism that swept the nation across many PWI's, YikYak was used as a destructive and racist instrument against students of color. In this film, black students respond to many ridiculous and rude comments as well combat the stereotypes against them. 

A few quotes that many black students at PWI's can relate to: 

"Just because I am black, does not mean I am an athlete"

"No, do not touch my hair"

"My blackness belongs"

This filmed was filmed by students at the PWI and directed by Adanna Smith, the 2016 president of BATU (Black Action Thru Unity).

Yaaaaaaaaas UD!!