A 4th collaboration between German filmmaker Tom Tykwer’s One Fine Day Films, and Nairobi (Kenya)-based Ginger Ink, has begun production in Nairobi.

S&A has covered every film that’s been developed under the One Fine Day Films/Ginger Ink banners – Soul Boy, from director Hawa EssumanNairobi Half Life, from director David Tosh Gitonga, and most recently, Something Necessary, from another Kenyan filmmaker in Judy Kibinge

After launching a casting call for actors early last month, the production companies are currently shooting their next feature, which is titled Veve, and is written by Natasha Likimani, and is being directed by Simon Mukali.

No official synopsis that I could find, except Nairobi newspaper Daily Nation, that described it as a political thriller, with a battle for control of one Kenya’s largest cash crops at its core, and cast of eclectic characters all seemingly a threat to the existing monopoly, and the ramifications of resulting actions taken by each. 

The newspaper also touts local buzz around the film as it’s begun production, saying that it has the potential to be as big an international hit as Nairobi Half Life, or even bigger!

Starring in the film are a cast of local actors including Adam Peevers, Emo Rugene, Lizz Njagah and Victor Kizito.

Look for a 2014 bow for the film.