I had the opportunity to attend Pan-Washingtonian on October 10th. The event, hosted by artist Imani Roberts, showcased her artwork and also included the work of female entrepreneurs who were born and raised in Washington D.C. This collective effort exemplified the power of community. Imani’s pieces focus on ‘’self-realized liberation’’ in race, gender and identity. Her latest series, Still Miseducated, displays her visual interpretation of the critically acclaimed album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Nothing Even Matter ISR
“Nothing Even Matters” by Imani Roberts
Tell him ISR
“Tell Him” by Imani Roberts
“Ex-Factor” by Imani Roberts
To Zion ISR
“To Zion” by Imani Roberts
The Artist, Imani Roberts

To learn more about Imani and her artwork, visit her website.

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