The U.S. Mint celebrates their 225th anniversary by portraying a black woman as Lady Liberty in their new $100 gold coin. Although this isn’t the first time African-Africans have been featured on coin currency (Booker T Washington was the first African- American exhibited on a coin in 1951), they’ve made a historical move placing a black Lady Liberty in their recent gold coin design. Moreover, U.S. Mint mentioned that in order to “reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States,” they would issue future coins displaying Lady Liberty as Asian -American, Latin-American and Native-American.

Commemorative coins displaying honorable athletes, Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens were issued this past January 31st at the Museum of Uncut Funk alongside other prevalent African-American figures. Jackie Robinson earned his celebratory gold coin back in 1997; Jesse Owens was featured on the bronze coin in 1988, while Joe Louis was the first one of the three to receive the honor in 1982.

Photo: Museum of Uncut Funk

The disclaimer is that we shouldn’t expect to see much of the $100 gold coin since it wouldn’t traditionally circulate for everyday use. I mean, who typically walks around with a $100 coin on a Friday just because? But if you want to purchase it for a keepsake in order to commemorate this American high honor, then by any means purchase the coin with the first black Lady Liberty.

We’re still on the look out for Harriet Tubman’s debut on the future $20 bill in 2020. The new and improved $20 is set to release to honor the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement.