With only a few weeks until Father's Day, Gillette released an ad showing a father and trans son bond over achieving the perfect shave.

Gillette continues to push advertising into bold, new directions. Earlier this year, the razor company was praised and criticized for releasing an ad challenging archaic and toxic forms of masculinity. On May 23, the company did it again with the latest advert championing trans representation.  

The short 1-minute video features Toronto residents Samson Bonkeabantu Brown and his father embarking on a timeless tradition between father and son: learning how to shave for the first time. Gillette posted the ad on Facebook last Thursday with the caption: "Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special."

At the start, Brown revealed his struggles on manhood. He wondered what kind of man he should be. He also revealed while on his path to being a man there weren't always happy times.

However, now he is at a place in his life where he is genuinely happy.

"It’s not just myself transitioning, it’s everybody around me transitioning," Brown said, referencing his gender transition. 

Documenting the first shave of his life meant a lot. The ad, as it turns out, is part of Gillette's #MyBestSelf campaign that was launched last week. 

Underneath the now-viral video, Brown, who is a creative in his own right, expressed gratitude for the opportunity.

"Thank you so much Gillette for allowing me to share such an important moment in a man's life with my father," Samson wrote. "I look forward to the great things you’re going to continue doing to encourage us all to be our best selves."

In the past few days, the ad spread like wildfire. Supporters of the brand celebrated the groundbreaking advertising campaign to challenge bigotry in our society. 

Gillette thanked the young man for being brave enough to do the project. 

"Thank you for sharing your story, Samson!" Gillette said in a response via Facebook. "We’re honored to showcase this special moment between you and your father and are proud to have you as a partner. Thank you for your courage and confidence in sharing your journey to becoming your best self!"

By all accounts, the shaving brand will continue to fight for what is right despite backlash from critics.