A recently launched Instagram account is celebrating the lives and experiences of queer Black folks in Great Britain from the 1950s to 2000.   

According to AnOther, "Black & Gay, Back in the Day" was founded by journalist Jason Okundaye and activist and organizer Marc Thompson. Thompson told the media outlet that the account is dedicated to presenting "an authentic representation of Black LGBTQ+ people before 2000." 

"And that means capturing us in a range of settings – from protests to pride, to parties, to moments of intimacy, to individuals just being their true selves. That is the basic criteria for us," Thompson said. 

The page pulls the images from the founders' personal archives as well as submissions from its community, as announced during its formal launching on February 1. The social media account now has more than 6000 followers. 

"We’re both really pleased it’s been so gratefully received by the community," Thompson said. "Neither of us imagined that it would grow like this. I think what it demonstrates is there is an appetite for this kind of archive and this kind of history. People are hungry to know what happened in the past and where they come from. And I think that’s why it’s been successful."