A New Jersey student has been threatened with disciplinary action for wearing traditional Nigerian head garb. 

According to the Philadelphia Tribune, 17-year-old Geniah Miller rocked a Nigerian head wrap to Camden Academy Charter High in honor of Black History Month. The gesture that appeared innocent led Principal Dara Ash to send her home for violating the school’s dress code. Miller was told she would either have to face in-school suspension, take off the wrap or go home.

Her mother, Chioma Sullivan, who is the daughter of a Nigerian immigrant, took to Facebook Live where she shared the experience. 

"Y'all know I don't go live much, and I don't express how I feel but today I am pissed to the top. My daughter was sent to the office because she looks like this today," Sullivan said as she turned the camera to her daughter who was donning a red wrap while in full school uniform.

The mother became tearful as she explained the school is not acknowledging African American students at their predominantly Hispanic campus. 

"I'll be d****d if I have her go to in house suspension for expressing our culture," Sullivan continued. "She didn't do anything wrong, she is expressing who we are and she should be allowed to do that." 

The young teen who was once suspended for dancing at a fire drill had the support of her peers. 

Students staged a small protest the day after Miller was suspended. Many feel she was unfairly treated in comparison to Hispanic students who were seen wearing “flags on their foreheads” during Hispanic Heritage Month per student Janece Rodriguez. 

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According to the school’s handbook, “bandanas, hairnets, scarves or any excessively large headwear” are prohibited. 

Last April, Blavity reported Black girls are more likely to get in trouble for dress code violations. The National Women's Law Center found schools in Washington, D.C., reprimanded Black girls for their attire at a rate 21 times greater than that of their white counterparts. 

"Sixty-eight percent of D.C. public high schools that publish their dress codes online ban hair wraps or head scarves," the report stated.

Student Lamira Bronson explained Black History Month is only celebrated one day out of the year at Camden, typically on February 27 during an assembly where they can “wear cultural stuff.”

Blavity reached out to Camden Academy Charter High for a comment about the incident and will update the story upon response.

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