If you haven't seen 2 Days In New York yet, or just want to own a hard copy of it, you should know that it's been released on DVD and Blu-ray today (although it's been available as a VOD rental since summer, and was released in theaters). 

In 2 Days In New York (a sequel to Julie Delpy's 2 Days In Paris), the dramedy comes to Manhattan, as Delpy reprises her role as Marion, a fiercely left-winged French woman living in the city, with her child (fathered by her now ex-lover, Adam Goldberg), and a new guy in her life, a radio jockey named Mingus (because it rhymes with cunninglingus, a running joke in the film, as well as Delpy's explanation for why she gave the character that name; there's also the Charlie Mingus connection) played by Chris Rock, who made me think of Malcolm X almost everytime I saw him on screen, thanks to his goatee and thick-framed spectacles.

I first saw the film at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and wrote reviews for it, which you can read HERE. In short, if you loved the first film, you'll definitely dig this one as well.

And I should say that Chris Rock definitely holds his own; I think he excels in this kind of seemingly unscripted (although it was mostly scripted) organically-created kind of setting, where he can almost essentially just be as close to a version of his real self as possible.

The official synopsis reads:

Marion and Mingus live cozily–perhaps too cozily–with their cat and two young children from previous relationships. However, when Marion's jolly father (played by director Delpy's real-life dad), her oversexed sister, and her sister's outrageous boyfriend unceremoniously descend upon them for a visit, it initiates two unforgettable days that will test Marion and Mingus's relationship. With their unwitting racism and sexual frankness, the French triumvirate hilariously has no boundaries or filters… and no person is left unscathed in its wake.

Malinda Williams and Talen Riley co-star.