A New Orleans mother is facing backlash on social media for defending her 12-year-old daughter’s decision to pull out a gun during a recent dispute at school bus stop.

“I do not respect how my child is being held accountable for something that she was being bullied about,” the mother said in an Instagram video, according to the SunHerald. “She was being bullied, so she pulled out a firearm. It was not supposed to be in her possession, though it was in her possession, so she pulled it.”

One TikTok user bashed the mother with a video message, saying, “This was ignorant as hell.”

“Your child was being bullied, so she took a firearm to an elementary school to take out her frustrations and you’re justifying this,” the TikTok user said. “She went there to end somebody’s life. She was not emotionally stable to handle that situation with a firearm.”