In a follow up to their Race In America report released April 9, Pew Research Center released a new report outlining the feelings Americans have about race in schools, workplaces, and politics.

The poll showed that while the majority of adults of all races believed diversity was positive for American culture, they also felt it made it harder for politicians to do their job.

“A sizable share of Americans say having a population made up of people of many different races and ethnicities makes it harder for policymakers to solve the country’s problems,” read the report, put together by the nonpartisan fact tank. “There are also partisan differences on this question, with Republicans more likely than Democrats to say the country’s racial and ethnic diversity poses challenges for policymakers.”

And despite 76 percent of respondents in this survey’s positive thoughts on diversity, a December 2018 survey showed only 30 percent of Americans thought diversity would strengthen American customs and values.

Black respondents were also the only group to have a majority in believing the diversity of schools was more important than it being local. Nearly 7 in 10 black respondents held that view, with no other racial group even getting to 50 percent.

Also, 34 percent of black respondents reported living in predominantly white neighborhoods. They were more likely than any other racial group — where 80 percent of community members are not of their race — to be dissatisfied with the racial makeup of their neighborhoods. More than 30 percent reported wanting more racial diversity.

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