NFL partners with HBCUs to increase opportunities off the field

NFL partners with HBCUs to increase opportunities off the field
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| June 03 2016,

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The NFL has launched a new partnership that is sure to excite HBCU alums all over. The NFL has partnered with the MEAC (Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference) and SWAC (Southwestern Atlantic Conference) to increase opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in the NFL. This partnership goes beyond the field to the front office of NFL teams across the country. If you are unsure of what schools are a part of the MEAC and SWAC, these conferences include HBCUs like Howard, Hampton, Grambling State and Prairie View

Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Troy Vincent, released a statement saying: "Our partnership with the MEAC and SWAC is not only important for our pipeline of qualified individuals at all levels of football, but also to improve the NFL's goals for diversity and inclusion. With this partnership, we are making steady progress in developing future coaches, officials, scouts, managers, front office personnel and others through effective football resources, educational programs and internships." The partnership will include internships at the league and team levels and job shadowing. There will also be a summit at the Celebration Bowl where the MEAC and SWAC champions will face off against each other. This move is a major one for HBCUs, proving that there is lots of talent on the campuses of our illustrious institutions

A huge supporter of this partnership is Cleveland Browns Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Sashi Brown. Even though he is proud graduate of Harvard Law, he is even more proud of the fact that he is a graduate of Hampton University. "At my core, I’m a Hampton Pirate. It’s had every bit a part in shaping me and developing me into the position I’m in now. It’s an exciting partnership. There is a great history between the league and those two conferences. I’m pleased by it, and I think it’ll be mutually beneficial," said Brown

Even if your HBCU isn't included in this partnership *cough Tennessee State University stand up* this is something that we all can celebrate and appreciate
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