When Patriots' tight end Martellus Bennett isn't catching touchdown passes from Tom Brady, he is giving back to those who need him the most: the children.

Bennett has been helping underserved communities through his Imagination Agency and Uncle Smarty Foundation for years. And now, he has some new projects that will take his philanthropy to the next level.

During a recent interview with Complex, the star NFL player said that he is committed to teaching young people about the career possibilities in the tech industry. But that is just the beginning. Through his Imagination Agency, he will focus on creating cool black characters – and characters of all races – in the form of interactive children's book apps to which kids can aspire. 

"We want to give them different stories because if you go through the children's book world or movies and cartoons, there's not a lot of black child protagonists," he told Complex. "The same thing with coding. If you look at coding and all the tech companies around the world, there's not a lot of black kids in those fields."

His Uncle Smarty Foundation will provide the necessary tools for kids to learn the ins and outs of coding. Many of these resources will be accessible at summer camps that will start next summer. He hinted at the possibility of campgoers learning how to create apps of their own. 

"What I've been tryna do with the Uncle Smarty Foundation is trying to build platforms to help those kids in underserved communities to learn about coding and tech fields in general, so they can design a future for themselves and not have to rely on the future they feel has been designed for them," Bennett said.

His commitment to helping children does not stop there. In the interview, he revealed that he will help revitalize needy communities by building "adventure parks" that will give kids safe spaces to play.