The Loud House, one of Nickelodeon’s animated series will be taking a huge step forward in representation.

In Wednesday’s episode, Clyde gets dropped off at his best friend’s house by both of his dads.

Clyde’s parents are voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald. Whether it’s in animation or live action, representation matters. Because animation is traditionally for younger viewers, animation may even matter more. The stories we learn shape who we become as adults. While couples of all different genders don’t receive the same amount of acceptance, it’s important that our stories represent them also.

Clyde, the resident blerd and wing man on The Loud House can now become a reference for any child with two dads. His family is an avatar for every family like his to be represented, and spoken for. Clyde and his dads will teach viewers that don’t come from a two dad household that they exist. While they may be different, they are still a family, and that matters. Kudos to Nickelodeon and The Loud House. We can only hope to see more representation in animation, and live action, as time goes on.

Be sure to check out the episode on July 20th!

Photo: Nickelodeon
Photo: Nickelodeon

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