Nicki Minaj has baffled some of her fans after deciding to sit down for a conversation with Kevin Samuels, an image consultant turned dating adviser who has become immensely popular on the internet for making controversial comments about women. While on Instagram Live with Samuels, Minaj asked the dating adviser to rate her.

Samuels first clarified that he doesn't typically rate women. Still, he proceeded to analyze the artist's physical attributes. The popular YouTuber started by inquiring about the artist's height. He then asked about her dress size.

Minaj said she stands about 5 feet, 3 inches tall and wears a size 4 dress. When Samuels asked Minaj to rate herself on a scale of 1 to 10, she chose a  7. But the dating adviser rejected her answer.

"It's the default answer for most people because they don't want to go too high, they don't want to go too low," he said. 

Samuels then gave the singer a 9, saying she has facial symmetry and she "gets additional points for eyes."