This Artist's Life-Sized Portraits Made With Charcoal & Graphite Are Incredible

Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley shows unbelievable talent with hyperrealistic artwork.

Photo Credit: Photo: Progress Photo

| March 27 2017,

12:13 am

200 hours means just getting comfortable for hyperrealistic artist Arinze Stanley, who meticulously renders gigantic portraits with charcoal and granite pencils on large sheets of cartridge paper. 

The long hours are all logged in hopes of giving you the most realistic drawing you've ever laid eyes on, and Stanley comes pretty close. 

Hyperrealism is an art form that focuses on detail then manipulating that detail in a way so that it breaks the boundaries of the second dimension. That way, when you look at a drawing you're not sure if you're looking at something real or not. 

What makes this Nigerian artist stand out from other hyperrealist artist is his penchant for capturing human elements. While the technique for most hyper realistic artist lies in mastering the perfection of the piece, Stanley focuses on pure realism. This allows him to capture reflections of light, droplets of sweat, or tangles of hair.

Right now, Stanley currently has artwork at the Omenka Gallery and you can see more of where that came from on Facebook

Photo: This Is Colossal

Photo: This Is Colossal

Photo: This Is Colossal

Photo: This Is Colossal