A viral Twitter video showing a city worker taking down a basketball net at a park in Toronto, Canada, has caused so much outrage that the city has suspended the removal of basketball hoops from their parks in the evenings.

The video shows a city employee removing a basketball net at Phin Avenue Park while a group of players sit by and watch. 

"Isn't this terrible?" One of the players quips.

"No, I could still have just as much fun out here," another player jokes before slamming the ball against the net-less backboard.

The video was posted on Wednesday afternoon and has over 20,000 likes so far. 

"Absolutely sickening display @cityoftoronto let the kids play!!!" The tweet stated. 

The video was released just over a week after the Toronto Raptors won Canada's first NBA championship — and the reaction was harsh.

"No rim. No history. Everyone deserves the chance to play. Keep the nets up. #WeAreTeamCanada," the Canada Basketball account tweeted.

While many others questioned why penalize youth for getting out and enjoying the fresh air.

"Kids playing ball at night /after hours are: keeping out of trouble, staying healthy and burning off their restlessness I would ask those complaining if they rather hear sirens, gun shots & ambulances or a ball bounce?"

Even Toronto Mayor John Tory chimed in:

"The City should be putting basketball nets up not pulling them down. I’ve delivered that message to our parks staff tonight – they agree. We should absolutely be encouraging kids to play in our city."

In a response tweet, the city said the practice of removing hoops has been suspended effective immediately. In 2018, they decided to remove the nets at some city parks close to residential areas during evenings, apparently as a result of noise complaints from people living nearby. The basketball court at Phin Park is open between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., and this video apparently shows the worker taking down the net at 6 p.m.

However, the city says it will "monitor noise complaints" on a case by case basis to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the parks — as well as their backyards.