Disney Aspire welcomes North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (N.C. A&T) into its career development program.

Disney Aspire is Walt Disney’s education investment and career development program that pays 100% of students’ tuition upfront. With N.C A&T added to the list, various new online bachelor’s and master’s programs have made it into the Disney Aspire network.

Granting HBCU students with fair opportunities, the program aims to contribute to the advancement of Black students by providing students reimbursements for books and fees, and an enhanced program and degree catalog that educates readers on work trends.

“We want every single eligible employee across our company to be able to envision themselves as part of Disney Aspire, which means we need to have schools and programs that are reflective of that, and as diverse as our employees,” Latondra Newton said, chief diversity officer for The Walt Disney Company.

Individuals will receive student success coaching with Guild Education, helping graduates prep for career growth changes through the Disney Aspire Alumni Association and other postgraduate courses. 

“We are committed to bettering the futures of our students, and Disney shares in that mission through Disney Aspire,” Chancellor of N.C. A&T, Harold L. Martin, Sr. said. “We Aggies are a family, and we know that tight-knit community feel also exists at Disney. This couldn’t be a more natural-fitting partnership.”

North Carolina A&T has taken the crown as one of the top HBCUs in the country by U.S. News & World Report, and joining forces with Disney Aspire is a critical step forward in developing Black employees’ futures. Disney Aspire is in conversation with additional HBCUs to bring them onboard.

In partnership with Guild Education, Disney Aspire pipelines more than 80,000 hourly part-time and full-time employees and cast to return to school while working. More than 12,000 employees are currently enrolled. The extensive postgraduate program helps support employees’ career aspirations come true at Disney or within other companies.