Ambriya Neal, an Atlanta-based real estate agent, has recently been thrown onto people's radars through her Destiny's Child-inspired promotional video.

Neal's upload, titled "Buy With Me, Sell With Me," takes heavy inspiration from Destiny's Child's well-known "Say My Name" track. Specifically, the video has the same beat and flow as Destiny's Child's song, though the lyrics are altered to promote Neal's services, which she provides through the New Era Realty Group. Neal's upload also features monochromatic visuals similar to the original song's music video.

Additionally, it's worth noting that Neal graduated from North Carolina A&T in 2014 with degrees in journalism and mass communication, and she was even crowned Miss A&T during her time at the institution. We have to recognize and shout out HBCU excellence when we see it!

"Being Mister and Miss A&T are more ceremonial than anything. It is extremely important that they [are] able to speak well and carry themselves in a manner in which the university would approve," she said of the pageant back in 2014.

In addition to her "Buy With Me, Sell With Me," Neal has some other YouTube videos highlighting her vocal abilities — including a song dubbed "Love, Love." 

She's also all about using her platform to promote her realty services, as she has a professional Instagramwebsite and sometimes shares real estate content on her Twitter and TikTok accounts.

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This HBCU graduate is doing great things, and — now that she's garnering more recognition with her "Buy With Me, Sell With Me" video — we can't wait to see what else Neal accomplishes.