Recent Hollywood castings of white actors in ethnic roles prompted a heated discussion on Twitter. As #OscarsSoWhite spoke against the lack of representation for African Americans, #whitewashedOUT objected the decades-long practice of erasing Asians from mainstream media.

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

The topic spread rapidly, and educated on the various ways Asians are excluded from their own narratives.

The statistics are staggering.

 And, of course, this systemic racism didn’t happen overnight.

 Lack of representation derails dreams, and silences any critic.

And it isn’t just on the silver screen where the Asian community is drowned out.

Asians are either reduced to minimal or no exposure; or are only painted ethnic when deemed necessary.

With all the progress we have made, there are still giant strides to reach to even the playing field.

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