Along with a myriad of other things, black women have to navigate a world that believes their hair is a petting zoo free and open to the public.

Talk to any black woman, and she'll have at least one story about a white person either attempting to touch or actually touching their hair without permission.

Twitter user Dustin Chambers watched this happen in broad daylight Friday.

This is the craziest shit I’ve seen in a minute wow wow wow. Yesterday at Little Azio’s.

"This is the craziest s**t I’ve seen in a minute wow wow wow. Yesterday at Little Azio’s," Chambers captioned the video.

What the?


In the clip, a white woman is seen transfixed by the hair of a black woman simply trying to order at a restaurant. The sound is a bit muffled on the video, but you can tell by the black woman's body language that she politely explained why that move wasn't okay.

According to Chambers' account, the black woman said, "I'm being very friendly today but please don't touch my hair."

The white woman puts her hand over her mouth, appearing shocked and apologetic. 


Did y'all peep the, "Girl, don't test me" smile she gave OG Becky at the end, though? All black woman know (or have done) that smile.


Just like us, folks on Twitter were like, "Girl, wtf is you doing?"


The cashier was all of us.

One user rightfully pointed out the ramifications stemming from a much different response and how that affects black women as a whole. 

Solange tried to tell 'em, but they refuse to listen. Because entitlement. 


Alas, here's a helpful cartoon for the grabby white folks.

— Barry is at Rose City Comic Con table BB-07 (@barrydeutsch) September 7, 2018

Becky (and Becky's people), keep your hands to yourself.

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