Update (June 10, 2020): New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is endorsing a piece of proposed legislation that has been nicknamed the "Amy Cooper" bill.

According to Syracuse.com, New York State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz’s bill
would make it a hate crime to call the police on someone and make a false accusation against them based on their gender, religion or race at a press conference Friday.

The bill was introduced in 2018 but garnered more support after a white woman maliciously called police on a Black man in Central Park and falsely accused him of “threatening [her] life,” as Blavity previously reported.  

“We’ve seen 911 calls which are race-based, false calls," Cuomo said. "A false 911 call based on race should be classified as a hate crime in the state of New York."

Cuomo said he wants the bill passed now that the legislature has reconvened, and it is part of multiple law enforcement reform bills Cuomo is supporting in response to the unrest following the murder of George Floyd, per The New York Post.

Original (May 28, 2020): Two New York City lawmakers are using the furor around the Amy Cooper video to push new legislation criminalizing her actions. 

According to PIX11, New York lawmakers Assemblyman Felix Ortiz and Sen. Brian Benjamin have touted a new bill that aims to make it illegal for people to falsely report an incident to the police.