Phil Mushnick, an NY Post journalist, has veered out of his lane, across the median, and onto the other side of the highway with these ridiculous statements on Chance the Rapper.

He writes a sports column for the publication with a really terrible name that dates him as a person that probably has no business talking about rap music in the first place. However, because Chance the Rapper’s name has come up in some sports related White Sox business, Mr. Mushnick has seen fit to do his best Jay Bilas impression.

Due to the fact that Chance the Rapper is the new official ambassador of the team, and obviously getting to the money, Mushnick has decided to find a way to prove that Chance doesn’t deserve it. He is a positive force working in his community, not just through his music, but also through grassroots programs that have directly impacted the youth in the city, so what’s Mushnick’s problem?

In his article, he writes that Mr. Bennet’s music can be singularly defined as “Standard dehumanizing gangsta rap,” in which, “young black men are N—-s.”

We all know that this is the furthest thing from the truth, as Chance has given us some of the most uplifting, positive rap music that has been heard in decades, border lining on the precipice of a gospel classification.

This is the result of a man who doesn’t understand black culture, black music, and especially black people based on his reference to one song, released and recorded 3 years ago this month. Then, from what he can understand with his isolated, generationally outdated understanding that lacks context and aptitude, Phil Mushnick decided he knew exactly what Chance the Rapper was about.

While this is an unfortunate and completely disgusting attempt to get a young brother out the paint, we should not be upset that Phil Mushnick does not understand rap music enough to make sense of Chance the Rapper’s message or unique artistry. He’s allowed to have an opinion. What we can be upset about, and blame him for, is his decision to write an article for public consumption about something he knows nothing about. So in the words of Phil Mushnick, “Help me with this; I’m lost.” What is this elderly, white, sports columnist doing giving us rap reviews on songs from 3 years ago?

What do you think about Mr. Mushnick’s thoughts about Chance’s music? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

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