June is African American Music Appreciation Month and hip-hop's Queen Bee, Lil' Kim, received an official honor as part of her home town's African American Music Appreciation Month celebrations.

New York City Council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus (BLAC) celebrated the Grammy-award winning rapper at a City Hall ceremony Monday night, according to the Observer.

“I’m just gonna say this: Use us,” said Lil' Kim during her acceptance speech. “Use us in the industry. We have a voice, and we wanna represent our town, our city. I wanna say thank you to … Mayor Bill de Blasio and everyone on the Council for coming and making this happen because it’s nice to be recognized and it’s nice when people — they recognize your worth, your talent.”

.@LilKim honored by @BLACaucusNYC at City Hall pic.twitter.com/HD4PO1i9TC— Madina Toure (@madinatoure) June 11, 2018

Lil' Kim made sure to make it clear that she hasn't and will never forget her Bed-Stuy roots. 

“But at the same time, we wanna do anything that we can do to help you guys and help everyone from our town, our city and make it better,” she added. “Whatever we can do, use us. I’ve done charity work for many years, and now with me coming back, I’m gonna do charity work again. And I’m just gonna say: I am so happy and proud to be from Brooklyn.”


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“Today we are celebrating the 2018 power influencers, the African American History Month of Music,” said Bronx Councilman Andy King, who was in attendance along with other BLAC members. “All of you have done great work in the industry. We are so proud to host you this year.”

Other honorees included fashion designer and Rev. Run's daughter Angela Simmons, retired NBA player Charles Smith; hip-hop fashion auteur Dapper Dan and Mark Pitts, president of urban music at RCA Records.