A New Yorker is being lauded for making a citizen's arrest after a woman began attacking a passenger on a subway train, the New York Post reports.

On Tuesday, 40-year-old Anna Lushchinskaya boarded a New York City subway train. Not long after, she began cursing at another woman. In footage captured by fellow rider Juan Ayala, the woman appeared to ignore Lushchinskaya until the 40-year-old hit her phone out of her hand.

From there, Lushchinskaya increased the intensity of her attack, kicking the woman and hitting her with an umbrella as other passengers tried to get her to stop. The victim of the attack attempted to defend herself.

Bystanders worked to separate the two women; however, things escalated again when Lushchinskaya, who is white, called the other woman, who is of Asian descent, a "f"**king c***k."

Later during the ride, Lushchinskaya directed her insults toward Ayala, likening him to Mohamed Atta, one of the ringleaders behind the deadly September 11 terrorist attacks, writes The Gothamist. This interaction was captured and posted to Twitter by a user named Fabe:

"What? B***h, I'm Dominican," Ayala said after Lushchinskaya made the comparison.

The incident endded when Ayala accused Lushchinskaya of spitting at him. He told her he's "not the one" swept her to the floor, restraining her and making a citizen's arrest.

Upon exiting the train in Ayala's custody, Lushchinskaya was met by New York Police Department (NYPD) officials who immediately arrested her. She was booked on felony assault charges.

The New York Daily News reports Lushchinskaya was arrested aboard the same train earlier this year in June. In that arrest, she also picked up assault charges.

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