A white officer with the New York Police Department is filing a lawsuit against the city after she reported that her colleagues made racist comments toward her, according to NBC New York.

In the suit filed by Officer Vanessa Weinbel, she claims she experienced racially and sexually offensive comments from NYPD Supervisor Lt. Rasheena Huffman. 

The comments allegedly started in July 2016 during a conversation about a party for a police fraternal organization comprised of mostly Black police members.

According to Weinbel, Huffman, who is Black, began making comments toward her, including a remark that Black men are only attracted to her because she looks like Kim Kardashian-West. When the officer revealed to Huffman that she was in a relationship with a Black man, the lieutenant reportedly responded, “He probably isn’t even Black."

The 35-year-old also alleges that the lieutenant told her she should feel “lucky” in the wake of a news report that a white man stabbed a person for “just being Black.”

"They're tired of seeing Black men with white women. So, you should consider yourself lucky because you probably would've been shot up first,” Huffman reportedly said. 

According to Patch, the Black lieutenant also made comments about Weinbel’s personal hygiene. 

“Ewww, oh my god!" Huffman reportedly said after mistakenly picking up the officer’s water bottle. “Who knows where your mouth has been."

The lawsuit lists other detailed accounts of clashes between Weinbel and Huffman, including the lieutenant reportedly intentionally bumping into Weinbel and making derogatory comments about her children's race.

Weinbel was reportedly told, "people should stick with their own because your kids won't come out right or look like you." She also alleges Huffman told her the U.S. Census Bureau will have to add a box titled "confused" because of her children's race, according to NBC New York.

While some of the encounters reportedly occurred in front of fellow senior-level officials, Weinbel said leaders failed to report Huffman’s harassment.

She claims despite attempting to file a complaint against her supervisor in May 2018, she was told she didn't have enough evidence, Patch reported. 

An NYC law department spokesman called the allegations "troubling."

"If these allegations are true, this conduct is troubling. The city has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. We’ll investigate the facts as we proceed with the litigation," they said. 

NBC News reported Weinbel is seeking unspecified damages.