As you know, two bombshell stories, one in The New York Times, and one in the New Yorker, outline multiple sexual assault and rape allegations against former Hollywood super-producer Harvey Weinstein.

Since the release of these investigative reports, Weinstein has been fired by the company he co-founded with his brother, and has had many people within the industry speak out against him, his behavior and Hollywood's culture of casual sexual harassment, including Ryan Coogler.  

Along with having a strong standing among the Hollywood elite, Weinstein had his hand in politics as well.

He regularly contributed to Democratic party campaigns, including the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And he didn't only give monetarily to the Obamas; Malia Obama interned at the Weinstein Company before she began her tenure at Harvard.

Given the Obamas' connections to Weinstein, many have been waiting to see if the former president and first lady had anything to say about Harvey. 

As it turns out, the Obamas do. Earlier this week, Mr. and Mrs. Obama released a joint statement in regards to the allegations:

Along with condemning the actions alleged within the reports, the Obamas saluted and embraced the women who were brave enough to come forward with their stories.

Additionally, they made it a point to make it clear that they believe that empowering women and girls is a priority, and that it is vital that men and boys are taught "decency and respect" in order to combat rape culture.