Rachel Dolezal, president of the Spokane, Wash. NAACP chapter, announced earlier this week that she was going to speak out about her racial identity at the upcoming chapter meeting. And many, including myself, were anxiously waiting to hear her statement. However, Dolezal has canceled the chapter’s Monday meeting.

Photo: Giphy

According to KREM-TV, Dolezal sent out an email canceling the meeting on Sunday “due to the need to continue discussion with regional and national NAACP leaders.” Meaning she needs more time to get her act together before she aggravates the Black community even more.

Executive Committee Chair Lawrence Burnley, who received the email, disagreed with the cancellation. He responded:

“I’m puzzled by your decision to arbitrarily cancel/postpone the meeting without input from the executive committee which is scheduled to meet today. The Association’s by-laws provides specific guidelines concerning monthly general/branch meetings. Article V, Section 1 states, “Regular meetings shall be held on a fix day or date each month.” That date, as agreed upon by the executive committee, is the third Monday of each month which is tomorrow. I don’t see any language in the by-laws that empowers you, or any one member, to arbitrarily cancel/postpone tomorrow’s meeting.”

Regardless of the cancellation, a protest outside of the NAACP office is to continue as planned. This protest was planned by individuals who signed an online petition created by Kitara Johnson, a member of the NAACP, that calls for Dolezal’s leave of absence.

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