Cardi B’s known for a few things — chart-topping hits that celebrate women, her infectious laugh and her fashionable looks. And while she changes up her hairstyle as often as the wind blows, there is one element of her hair look that rarely changes: her sleek, side-swept swoop. But it turns out that her husband Offset may be a bit tired of her signature look.

The “Up” rapper shared a screenshot of their text conversation on Twitter, in which the rapper seemingly expressed that Cardi’s swoop is played out.

“U Not doing the swoop are you,” he wrote in the text chain.

“Lols no,” Cardi replied with several laughing emoji.

Offset responded with another laughing emoji before Cardi replied, “ommmg why you coming for my swoop gang.”

Fans on Twitter ultimately weighed in on her go-to style after the “WAP” rapper asked, “Why he coming for my swoop?”

Some viewers agreed with the Atlanta native, saying it’s time Cardi abandon her sleek side part.

“As he should someone had to,” one viewer wrote. “The chokehold that hairstyle has on you.”

“I mean he not wrong,” another added, including a collage of Cardi rocking her signature look.

“Girl even the swoop tied,” another replied.

“I mean you can move on from the BAPS era at anytime you know,” one user mentioned, referencing the 1997 film starring Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle Reid.

However, Cardi stans made some noise in the replies as well. They jumped to defend the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, saying that her slick swoop is iconic.

“The swoop is cardi he jealous,” a Bardi gang member said.

“Your swoop is iconic lol. Cardi B and a swoop is a package deal!” another added.

Another viewer even suggested the style is a must for the rapper because of her five-head.

“Gotta take cover five head lol,” they tweeted.