The father of her 1-year-old daughter killed an Ohio State University student after he abducted her.

Ty’rell Pounds abducted Skylar Williams from the school's campus at around 11:45 a.m. on Monday, the New York Daily News reports. Before that, however, he wrote a disturbing Facebook post directed to their child.

“Your mother kept me away from you and I was fighting for you through the court system,” it reads. “You mother kept teasing me and I got overwhelmed, I’m so sorry you have to grow up without us baby!! But we’ll be watching you trust me.”

Police were tipped off when Pounds and Williams entered a Valero gas station in Gallatin County in northern Kentucky. When they went into the gas station, Pounds paid for gas, and Williams went to use the restroom. As they left, however, she mouthed “help me” to a nearby customer who then called 911.

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“He didn’t pump his gas,” said Kelly Mayhew, the clerk working at the time. “And I had another customer calling 911 before he started sprawling his tires. I guess that was the reason he was in a hurry.”

After the tip, a 20-minute high-speed chase ensued. Kentucky officers riddled the Dodge Caravan Williams and Pounds were in with bullets. Both were killed. Though Pounds wore a bulletproof vest, he died at the scene. Williams was pronounced dead at the University of Louisville Hospital. Police report the bullet which killed the student belonged to a gun discovered in the car. Kentucky law enforcement officials initially said it was unclear who fired the deadly shot.

Trooper Joey Brown is said to have “perceived an immediate deadly threat to himself, as well as Ms. Williams,” upon making contact with Pound. After firing shots at the car, he used a tourniquet from his belt to try to stop the bleeding from 20-year-old Williams.

Williams reported Pounds' abuse months before her death. She accused him of sexual assault, filed a police report and had an order of protection against him that he ignored.

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