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Omarosa Manigault Clashes With Black Journalists About Police Brutality

The White House aide spoke on a panel during the National Association of Black Journalists annual convention.

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White House aide Omarosa Manigault attended the National Association of Black Journalists annual convention in New Orleans where she spoke on a panel about police brutality and quickly proved, once again, that all skin folk ain't kin folk. The panel discussion, titled "Black and Blue: Raising Our Sons, Protecting Our Communities," was hosted by longtime journalist Ed Gordon.

Manigault received a chilly reception from those who attended but the tension definitely heightened following questions regarding President Donald Trump's views on police brutality. When Gordon pressed her about her position as communications director for the White House's Office of Public Liaison and her view on the current state of the criminal justice system, the discussion quickly turned into a screaming match.

In the above video, Gordon blatantly asks Manigault how she "could sit in the White House" knowing Trump has made questionable remarks about police brutality. Manigault accused Gordon of being aggressive and asked him not to lecture her or interrupt her while she tried to share her story about the deaths of her father and brother at the hands of violence in Ohio.

The black community gave Manigault major side-eye when she initially joined the Trump administration. Those in attendance revealed on Twitter that the panel discussion ended with people turning their backs and walking out.

Before the end of the panel discussion Friday night, Manigault eventually said President Trump suggesting that police should be rough with suspects during arrests is wrong.

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