Have you ever traveled to a new city and had your favorite hair/skin product stop working? The struggle becomes way too real when your wash-and-go is ruined, you swear that you moisturized your skin and the ash on your ankles is telling a different story, or when the product that you love dearly starts to clump in your hair.

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Sian Morson, the founder of Cast Beauty, has figured out how to do away with all of these issues. Her product, the Cast Beauty app, uses weather data to make personalized product recommendations for all hair and skin types.

When the tech entrepreneur moved to Atlanta from Oakland, she discovered that some of her hair and skin products stopped working. After talking to a few women in her new city, Sian realized that she wasn’t alone and decided to do something about it.

Photo: Sian Morson via SADÉ BRAND
Photo: Sian Morson via SADÉ BRAND

The fact of the matter is that your skin and hair will act differently in different temperatures. While the cold dries things out, the heat makes them humid. The actual temperatures outside affect how a product works on you.

Imagine being in Sian’s situation – moving to another city or going on vacation and suddenly having all of your staple products stop working.

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Not only can Cast Beauty help you find a new set of staples, it also will help you order them. The app uses Amazon as a vendor, so you can purchase these products without having to venture outside of the confines of your home.

Here are 5 reasons why you need this app in your life:

1. Imagine opening your weather app and finding out what product(s) you should use for the day. All hair issues would be immediately avoided.
2. If you’re ever looking for more beauty-related content, you can find it here as well. Content is specially curated from around the web and put into the app.
3. You can use this app to discover new products. Everyone who likes to take good care of their hair and skin knows that you can never have too many products.
4. Push notifications from the app offer hair and skin care tips. We could always use more of those.
5. This app screams #BlackGirlMagic. At all times, there’s a beautiful black woman in the background staring at you.

Have you tried Cast Beauty? Let us know in the comments below! 

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