Oprah Winfrey took to Twitter to share her dismay following the death of a Baltimore woman killed after attempting to help a woman who appeared to be a homeless, single mother.

On Tuesday, the media mogul and former Baltimore journalist posted the heartbreaking story of Jacquelyn Smith's slaying:

Smith, 52, was in a vehicle when she came across a seemingly homeless woman appearing to hold a baby in her arms. When she gave the woman money, a man approached her and attempted to steal her wallet. The man then stabbed her in the torso before fleeing with the woman. Smith died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The two suspects have yet to be arrested. 

Smith’s death comes in light of recent news of Baltimore’s “record high” homicide rate, a rate deadlier than both Detroit and Chicago, according to USA Today 

In response to the fatal event, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s sentiments were similar to those of the billionaire entrepreneur. She advised residents to abstain from rolling down their windows to give money to homeless people.

“We don’t want people destroying other people’s lives,” the mayor said according to WBTV. “This is unconscionable, and as I’ve continued to say, one life lost in this city is one life too many.”

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