Lisset and Jeremy Bohannon went viral after finding out that their daughter had been running her own business at school without their knowledge. The couple, who regularly posts family content on TikTok, say they found out about their 8-year-old’s activity after following parenting advice on the social media platform.

“I just learned recently that you should not ask your kids, ‘How was school?’ I watched a whole TikTok about it, and they were saying you should ask these specific questions to see how you know what’s happening with your kids’ lives,” Lisset said.

One of these questions was, “Who did you play with at recess?” Her daughter replied that she had had a business meeting with a friend of hers. It then prompted the parents to ask more questions.

“Come to find out that she’s been running this bracelet business, and she has employees. She has — she charges her other classmates. They get tickets at school, and when they fill up their class chart [with] 50 tickets, then they get a class prize,” Lisset added. “Billie holds the fate of the entire class in her hands because we found out she has over 50 tickets.”


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The 8-year-old named her business BAK Katz Bracelets. She started out by handing out free bracelets to everyone with a letter of their name. Over time, Billy hired other children in school to take orders and help out. She says she has 6 employees, who she pays 2 tickets to. Children will go up to her desk, where she lays out the bracelets or where anyone can place an order. 

Her parents knew she liked making rubber band bracelets for friends and family but were unaware that she made a profit off them.


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Other parents shared similar stories in the comment section.

“My daughter gives temporary tattoos in the bathroom. We love business girlies,” someone wrote.

Others asked if they could place an order, while some complimented the 8-year-old on her entrepreneurship.

“The fact that she is not calling them employees & says “my people” and “main helper” shows she values them! Now this is a natural leader,” someone commented.

“Smart girl … future CEO of her own company …” another person wrote.