Graham Walker, the third son of Pat Mahomes Sr. and the half-brother of Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, is transferring to Rice University. Walker spent the last three seasons at Brown University as a wide receiver.

He originally chose the Ivy Leagues school for the “unique opportunities” that it provided him both academically and athletically. Walker was a senior with a concentration in philosophy. 

“I was also impressed by the friendly atmosphere of the coaches and the community,” he told Brown.

Walker is transferring to Rice University in the hopes of joining the NFL.

“Seeing the track record of guys going to the NFL and the guys that the coaching staff has developed just provides more and more reason to join such a great program,” he told The Roost.

Walker earned All-American honors after catching 54 balls for 664 yards and six touchdowns across 10 games played as a sophomore. He has totaled nealry 1,500 career receiving yards and caught 15 touchdowns in his three years playing for the Bears.

“(Graham) finally decided he wants to be a serious football player, so we have him in the transfer portal,” his father told FOX4. “His manners are intact, his stepdad did a great job with him, his mom did a great job with him and now I’m getting the chance to put my hands on him a little more,” he added, before referring to his son as “a very impressive young man.”