Patrick Mahomes, the star-studded biracial quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, has taken the NFL by storm with his incredible skills, remarkable poise and ability to make seemingly impossible plays look like routine. Born on September 17, 1995, in Tyler, Texas, Mahomes is the son of former Black American MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes, Sr. and his mother, Randi Martin (who is of Caucasian descent), who was herself a standout college athlete. His upbringing around sports has greatly influenced where he is today with his family laying the foundation for his athletic career and legacy. As it relates to his cultural background and heritage and some of the negative things said about Mahaomes Black father and Caucasian mother Mahomes tells GQ during an exclusive interview, “I’ve seen how people, on Twitter, have tweeted and said, ‘Oh, you’re not full Black.” “But I’ve always just had the confidence and believed in who I am. And I’ve known that I’m Black. And I’m proud to be Black. And I’m proud to have a white mom, too. I’m just proud of who I am. And I’ve always had that confidence in myself.”

After a stellar college football career at Texas Tech where he set numerous records, Mahomes entered the NFL draft in 2017 and was chosen as a first-round draft pick for the Chiefs. Soon after, he quickly became a sensation, earning the NFL MVP award in just his second season while leading the Chiefs to a thrilling Super Bowl victory. His ability to throw powerful passes from various angles under immense pressure has made him a quarterback like no other in the league. In fact, Mahomes is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in NFL history.

Beyond his on-field accomplishments, Patrick Mahomes is admired for his philanthropic endeavors and commitment to giving back to his community. By using his platform as a way towards making a positive impact, particularly in areas like education and youth development, Patrick Mahomes not only shines as a football superstar but also as a role model for aspiring athletes of all ages.

Ahead, we’ll dive into more about what many may not know about Mahomes’ family unit, specifically, his awesome parents.

Who Is Mahomes’ Mother?

Born on August 10, 1976, Randi Martin, Mahomes’ mother, was a vital influence in his life. She is a former college athlete and excelled in track and field at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her background in sports likely had an impact on Mahomes’ early exposure to athletics, serving as a key role model in his interest in sports. Martin is known for her strong support of her son throughout his football career. Her dedication and encouragement as a mother has undoubtedly played a crucial role in his development as a successful quarterback. As of this writing, she is an event planner in Texas.

Who Is Mahomes’ Father?

Patrick Mahomes Sr., Mahomes’ father, was a professional baseball player and pitcher in Major League Baseball (MLB). He had a successful career playing for several teams over the years. Patrick Mahomes Jr. undoubtedly inherited some of his athletic talents from his father, particularly his strong throwing arm, which has become a hallmark of his style as an NFL quarterback. Moreover, Pat Mahomes Sr. provided valuable insights and guidance as his son’s sports career progressed, serving as a key role model in his son’s life.

Football Is Life … for the Mahomes Family

Together, Patrick Mahomes’ parents fostered a sports-induced environment that nurtured his passion for football and encouraged his pursuit of excellence. Their combined support and sports-oriented backgrounds undoubtedly played a significant role in Patrick Mahomes’ development into one of the NFL’s brightest stars. Though his parents divorced in 2006, they still continue to support their NFL quarterback son’s career each and every step of the way.