A lot of you may not be familiar with Peace586, but let me assure you — he’s a veteran in hip-hop. As a member of supergroup The Tunnel Rats, his discography extends well beyond a couple of albums here and there. Starting and producing for groups like SFC and for his own solo projects dating all the way back to 1996, Peace586 has done more than enough to solidify himself as a legend. At one point, we thought he was leaving the music behind, but he came back even stronger with his group The Battery. However, in the middle of his career 12 years ago, his wife Melissa Desiree Vasquez was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Enter The Honey Bee, a beat tape by the legend that extends 16 tracks. Filled with different emotions, vibes and sounds channeling different eras and genres, Peace586 is at his best, and you can hear it in the music. The point of this project wasn’t to make bangers or beats to sell to rappers. It’s an album you’re supposed to sit with, absorb, then repeat. I love producer albums because it truly is about the sounds and the producer is free to throw on vocalists as they see fit. The Honey Bee features the likes of Jurny Big, Christon Grey and more. Stream the project below, and if you mess with it throw Peace a couple bones for a good cause. Follow Peace586 on Twitter and Instagram.


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