"You're one of the good ones" is a phrase that is generally understood as something racist. But the Twitter account for the popular cartoon, Peanuts, didn't get the memo and is now apologizing.

On Friday, the Peanuts social media account posted a photo of Charlie Brown looking at his Black friend, Franklin, and saying, "You're one of the good ones."

The post is now deleted, but it didn't take long for people on social media to realize what's wrong with the picture.

Others were truly curious about the decision-making process when the post was published.

"This is a case in point that diversity isn't enough," wrote author Vanessa Clark. "If there was INCLUSION, if there were black or brown people overseeing this before it was posted first, this wouldn't have EVER happened. I think an apology is in order."

Another person on Twitter posted a thread of "the Peanuts gang disrespecting Franklin." One of the posts in the thread shows a photo of Franklin sitting on one side of the table by himself. 

There's also a video of the Peanuts bringing Franklin in to rap.

Following the backlash, an apology was issued from the Peanuts' Twitter page. 

"Earlier today a tweet from this account, featuring an image of two friends, was misinterpreted. As this was not the intended message of the post, it has been deleted so as not to perpetuate an inaccurate interpretation," the post read. "The post was meant as a celebration of friendship."

According to The Washington Post, Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz integrated Franklin into the comics in 1968 because a teacher named Harriet Glickman wrote a letter, asking him to include a Black character.

“I was thinking about Dr. King, and about having lived through so many years of struggles and the racism and the [divisiveness] that existed,” Glickman told The Post. “This was a culmination that was so painful that I needed to do something."