People Are Defending Jay-Z After Critics Slam His Scholarship Program

A New York Post article suggested the program doesn't give students enough.

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| December 13 2018,

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After the New York Post published a report critical of Jay-Z's scholarship program, numerous social media users have made it clear they stand with the rapper.

The report called the $407,250 given to students in 2017 "barely enough to cover books." A total of 255 students received grants between $1,000 and $2,500 during the 2017 school year. This money is separate from the scholarship awards given by Jay and Beyoncé during their On the Run II tour reported on Blavity.

In defending the program, the executive director of the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund, Dania Diaz, said the foundation wants to award a large number of small grants rather than a small number of large ones.

"The foundation’s goal is to reach as many students as possible," Diaz said. "It’s really about breadth in reaching a lot of students.”

Twitter users claimed the Post was out of bounds, with many arguing Jay-Z, one of rap's wealthiest, ought to be lauded for being willing to give anything at all:

Others felt the Post ought to be reporting on the rising costs of a college education:

And still others felt it is inappropriate to criticize others' charity without giving yourself:

Jay-Z has not responded to the article.

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