Just when we thought white women might have learned their lesson about calling the police on people just trying to live their life, we've come across #PermitBetty. 

In a video posted to Twitter, a white woman identified by the Twitterverse as Renee Baker Felina is seen calling the police on a woman selling what appears to be an array of garments and accessories. Betty was enjoying the fruits of her white privilege until she saw a black man walk up and begin recording.

After calling out her seemingly unwarranted contempt for the street vendor, the hero called on his future viewers to discover her place of work. Being reminded of the demise of #PermitPatty, who called the police on a black girl selling water in Oakland, Betty scurried right on off. Too late to run away now, though. We seent ya. 

According to Twitter user @_SJPeace_, the video was recorded by Derrick Miguel Perryman in the Bay Area of California--home to fellow police calling white women #PermitPatty and #BBQBecky. In the video, we can hear Perryman confronting the woman. 

"We've got another Permit Betty here," he said. "She's got to mess with people just trying to make a living." 

Upon awareness that Perryman is recording, she ended her call. However, the shame didn't stop her from waving at the camera.

"I know everybody, I know," she said. "Compassion...but we're just trying to make sure everyone has the opportunity." 

"Permit Betty, let's figure out what company she's with," Perryman rebuttals before she finally walks away. 

Of course, she didn't take a hike before the internet found what is believed to be her personal and employment information. 

The woman has been identified as a worker for the San Francisco-based Yerba Buena Community Benefit District (YBCBD). The company has since taken to Twitter to address the incident:

We aren't sure what the "appropriate action" entails, but what we do know is minding your business is free. 

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