The Philadelphia Eagles made history winning the Super Bowl on Sunday night. This is the first win in the franchise's history and with it comes much speculation as to whether 45 will extend an invitation for the team to visit the White House.

Torrey Smith, Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins have said they will not attend a White House celebration.

As reported by, Trump has repeatedly attacked NFL players for silent acts of dissent whether it is kneeling or raising fists during the national anthem, advocating for criminal justice reform and eradicating social injustice. 

Unpopular opinion or not, these players are holding firmly to their beliefs, which should be respected. Earlier this week, Smith said: 

"We're not protesting the anthem. It's a protest during the anthem. I understand why people are mad or may be offended when someone takes a knee. My father, when he dies, is going to be buried with an American flag draped around his casket, being that he served in the army. I understand why some people are offended by it. Also, there are soldiers that have issues going on right now, and they are things that affect them. They're things that affect my father. He understands both sides of the issue."

Malcolm Jenkins also participated in protest by raising a fist during the national anthem so there is a sense of solidarity among the team. For Chris Long, who skipped the White House visit for the New England Patriots last year, the answer is an easy no to deliver. During an interview on the Pardon My Take Podcast, he made it very clear, "No, I'm not going to the White House. Are you kidding me?"

It will be interesting to see how the rest of team lines up with this decision.