Photos On Twitter Show Folks Getting Sunburned From Wearing Ripped Jeans And Black Twitter Hilariously Can’t Relate

Now we know black folks aren't immune to sunburn, but this just don't happen to us.

Photo credit:Twitter

| May 18 2018,

3:42 pm

After a Twitter user posted several pictures of severe and interestingly molded sunburns which came as a result of wearing ripped jeans, black folks on Twitter were in tears over their inability to relate.

Now, we're not here to push the narrative that black people never get sunburned, and we definitely encourage you to use sunblock. However, getting burned like this while wearing ripped jeans? We simply don't know this particular pain. 

According to the article published by LADbible, burning like this isn't an isolated incident. 

The jokes immediately began when Black Twitter got a hold of the photos.

Thank whomever your higher power may be for your melanin this summer, and please protect it.