After being on the run for less than a week, authorities have apprehended Pieper Lewis — a woman who killed her alleged rapist at only 15 years old.

As Blavity previously reported, Lewis escaped from the Fresh Start Women’s Center on the morning of Friday, Nov. 4, in an attempt to regain her freedom, though authorities ultimately caught up with her.

Lewis’s legal situation began back in June 2020 after the then-15-year-old killed Zachary Brooks, a 37-year-old man who allegedly raped her multiple times, as Blavity previously reported.

Lewis, who is a victim of sex trafficking, stabbed Brooks 30 times as he slept, and she admitted that she killed him out of “rage,” according to the Des Moines Register.

While she initially faced up to 20 years behind bars, she ultimately pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and willful injury. Consequently, she was sentenced to five years of probation and made to pay $150,000 in restitution to Brooks’s family, though this was crowdfunded through GoFundMe.

Instead of spending five years on probation and waiting to get a brand-new start in her early-20s, though, the 18-year-old took a chance and made a run for freedom.

When news broke that Lewis had escaped, she received an outpouring of support on social media, with many people expressing their hopes for her to successfully remain hidden.

However, authorities brought Lewis back into custody on Nov. 9, and she’s now set to face the court’s wrath and potentially receive big prison time, as the law mandates that “her deferred judgments (be) revoked and original sentence imposed,” CNN reports.

With Lewis back in custody, people are calling for her to be freed, though it’s unclear what the future holds for her.

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