If being a Black woman wasn’t already hard enough, imagine being body shamed at the workplace.

Canadian TikTok creator, @Caribbeeann, shared a video to her account revealing to her followers that her employers had deemed her choice of attire “inappropriate” for the workplace. In the video, she wore a swirl patterned skirt that fell just at the knees, a black v-neck top, and a denim jacket.

The TikToker captioned the video, “I don’t know how to feel about this, honestly.” The voiceover explains the creator’s confusion.

“They told me my outfit is inappropriate at work today. They said my skirt is too short, and my boobs are not covered enough.”

She continued, “I work at a call center, and I only see my co-workers. Apparently many co-workers complained about my outfit today.”

While nothing is abnormal about the outfit, the video provides context that the issue wasn’t about the clothes on the body, but more about the body in the clothes.