You must listen to the hottest poet in Texas — Tro'juan Henderson

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| November 28 2015,

02:00 am

By the powers that be in the land of Twitter, I met a young talented poet by the name of Tro'juan Henderson and became a fan instantly. Fast forward two years later I had the opportunity to watch him perform live in Texas. He is an advocate for victims/survivors of sexual assault, rape, various forms of domestic abuse, and intimate partner violence

And, he has a track called "Black Girl Magic" (above)

He strives to redefine masculinity in regards to emotional stability. He's passionate about giving voices to people of color for empowerment who find themselves searching for understanding around the multiplicity around black experiences. He recognizes the power of hip hop and how it facilitates cross-cultural connections between young listeners and develop community and camaraderie among fans

Tro'juan does speaking engagements, college tours, and workshops (he will be facilitating one at Oxford University early 2016). To find out more information, contact him on his site