A Tennessee man minding his business and rapping a verse from Jay-Z's song "99 Problems" had some real problems when officers abruptly came to his door.

On November 9, Davon Eddington was drinking a beer and talking to his brother on the phone in his Spring Hill-area backyard. The two began discussing LeBron James when Eddington's brother accused him of being a bandwagon fan. 

In response to his brother's allegation, Eddington joked, "I got 99 problems, but a b***h ain't one," the hook from rapper Jay-Z's 2004 hit "99 Problems."

Thinking that Eddington was abusing his fiancé, a neighbor immediately phoned the police, and moments later officers appeared at Eddington's door with guns drawn. His fiancée was upstairs taking a bath. 

Speaking with TMZ, Eddington recalls the officers immediately recognizing their mistake, realizing that Eddington was on the phone the entire time. 

"He was like, 'we apologize. It seems like you've been swatted.'"

According to 911.gov, swatting is "false reporting an emergency to public safety by a person for the intent of getting a ('SWAT team') response to a location where no emergency exists."

Recently, Eddington said his dog went missing, only to later turn up in that same neighbor’s yard.

Eddington has never met his neighbor, so he cannot imagine why these issues have been occurring. When asked, Eddington guessed, "Maybe he doesn’t want me in the neighborhood."

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