Update (September 12, 2019):  Popeyes has a creative solution for their chicken sandwich shortage. On August 27, Popeyes released a video thanking its customers for buying so many sandwiches and promised they would return soon.

Two weeks later, Popeyes shared their new idea: bring your own buns. In another video, Popeyes gave a few of their “customers” a box of chicken tenders.

Popeyes is suggesting customers bring in some bread and make their own sandwich out of the chicken tenders.

“And I have to bring my own bun?” one of the customers asked in the video.

“That’s what BYOB means…” Popeyes replied using a text slide.

One woman said what we were all thinking.

“What the f**k?” she said.

Twitter had a lot to say about this new development.

Don’t worry y’all, Popeyes is just playing.

The sandwich is coming back with its own bun. Popeyes spokesperson Dara Schopp told People Magazine the company is working “tirelessly to bring the new sandwich back to guests as soon as possible.”

The company did not expect the sandwiches to sell out so quickly.

“The demand for the new chicken sandwich in the first few weeks following launch far exceeded our very optimistic expectations,” Schopp said. “Popeyes aggressively forecasted demand through the end of September and has already sold through that inventory.”

Original: All good things eventually come to an end. And that appears to be the case for Popeyes' new spicy chicken sandwich. 

On Tuesday, the franchise announced that they’ve pulled the item after selling out the limited-edition product nationwide. The company’s two-month supply ran out within two weeks of its release following intense praise over the chicken item on social media. The brand’s battle of the poultry with Chick-fil-A was among the contributors to the phenomenon, which resulted in long lines across the country. 

Several fans have expressed their thoughts on social media, with the fast-food giant even responding to one customer by writing, "It's not what we wanted…but greatness comes with a price."

However, one Twitter user believes the timing of the sandwiches being temporarily discontinued seems suspicious. The user wrote, "Popeyes saw yall was tryna register Black folk to vote and mysteriously ran outta the chicken sandwich." 

This week, a North Carolina teenager's efforts to register people in line at Popeyes have gone viral. David Ledbetter, 17, helped register dozens while standing in long lines at the restaurant. Ledbetter, co-founder of nonprofit organization Imagine This, hopes to get more youth involved in politics.

"I wanted to start an initiative to allow more youth to become politically involved so I thought registering people to vote and handing out information on voting would be the best way to engage," Ledbetter said. 

Popeyes has recommended that customers download their app for updates on when they'll bring back their chicken sandwiches.